Janée Angel


Janée, Hary, and Phoebe


Janée Angel works among internationals in Antwerp, Belgium. Her husband, Hary Khano, is from Syria and is a lay minister in evangelism. Antwerp, like many other European cities, is overflowing with Arabic speakers.  And the city is filled with people who are lost, hurt and dying without a relationship with Jesus.  In the entire country of Belgium, only two Protestant Arabic speaking churches exist and both are located in and around Brussels.  There are no Protestant Arabic speaking churches in any other city in the country.  For this reason, my husband Hary and I were called by God and saw a vision to move to Antwerp and begin an Arabic speaking church.  

It is our heart to see Arabs come to know and love Jesus as Lord and Savior.  We know when this happens, individuals, families, cities, and countries will begin to change.  Only Jesus can change a heart and make the impossible possible.  

In the short months that we have been here, we have seen the Bible study group grow from five people to over thirty people.  Not all have a relationship with Christ, but many come seeking, both from Muslim and nominally Christian backgrounds.  This ministry requires obedience, love, time, understanding, wisdom, prayer, and finances. It takes on average, seven years for a Muslim to accept that Jesus is the Son of God who is God.  We don’t know where we are on that seven-year journey with those we meet.  However, we are committed to this journey and God who called us.

Most people from the Arab world do not know what faithful Christianity looks like up close. In most cases, the average North African or Middle Eastern person believes that all Americans are Christians and all Christians look like what they see from Hollywood movies and Western television. It is very important to live the example of Jesus in order to tear down walls built up through preconceived ideas. God is continually working out a future story that will display His salvation and holiness just as He did in the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is Janée’s hope that her life will serve as a light in the world. And it is her heart’s desire to see these beautiful people one day understand and embrace the love and life of Jesus Christ. 

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For more information about our ministry please contact us at: 

Janee Angel

Vercammenstraat 142140

Antwerp, Belgium

Email: janee.angel@hotmail.com